About Us

The Founder

Star Rolle

I wanted to create a brand that highlights the natural features that we are born with. As a women of color, I constantly had to change my hair to fit the society standard. I wanted to advocate for being accepted the way that we are born. That includes our hair.

The Curl Stop was created so that women can embrace their natural features during a time when we are discouraged to do so. We want you to have all of the tools necessary to feel comfortable in your own skin. Our store features a range of products that include Ez Detangler Brushes, Scalp Oil, Edge Control brushes and so much more geared towards natural hair and making your life easier. Thank you for checking us out and remember to Be Yourself Naturally.

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Brand Consultant

I consult brands from start to finish on setting up their brand including their website, product sourcing and content creation.

Retail Owner

I have retail locations with salon suites in the Los Angeles area.

Web Designer & Developer

This website is my first design and I have designed multiple websites since.

My stories

Check out our blog for the latest updates on natural hair hacks and using our subscription boxes.

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Growing healthy long natural hair and having your kinks and coils pop is all determined by having a consistent hair care routine. Using the right products and effective techniques on your wash day on a regular basis will set your curly hair for success. 

The EZ Detangler Brush

The EZ Detangler Brush has become an awesome product for all hair grades from 3a-4c and everywhere in between. It detangles hair seamlessly and lowers styling time by over 90%. The Detangler Brush can be used with wet or dry hair.